Singer R. Kelly has been in hot water for multiple allegations, including sex with an underaged child and more recently sexual assault against multiple women. After both the #MeToo Movement and the #Timesup Movement gained massive popularity and feedback, R. Kelly became one of the names that was constantly dropped in the growing list of assaulters. Kelly hasn’t said too much about the allegations … that is until now.

This past Monday, July 23, 2018, Kelly dropped a 19-minute song titled “I Admit.”

Uploaded to SoundCloud by A&R man Julius Darrington, the song has been trending on social media and raising some eyebrows.

The lyrical content of the song is presented in a stream-of-consciousness style as Kelly makes claims to being sexually assaulted by an unnamed family member when he was only fourteen years old. The song becomes more autobiographical as he admits that he dropped out of school, drank and smoked, and lied a lot. He reveals that he has dyslexia and couldn’t read and didn’t own his own music.

He sings that he’s at an all time low.

He addresses the pedophilic allegations by noting that he’s been with “older and young ladies.” But he still denies that those allegations are true.

He denies allegations of a sex cult, singing that none of his suitors were “brainwashed,” and referenced a father who allegedly left his daughter at a concert where he and the fan met. In particular, he sings: “Don’t push your daughter in my face and tell me that it’s okay.”

Kelly has had his share of critics coming forward, demanding that the music and entertainment industry no longer work with him. Spotify made the announcement last spring that they were removing his music recommendations from their service. Initially, they activated what they called the Hate Content and Hateful Conduct policy. Later, Spotify reinstated his music on their service.

He addresses Spotify and other critics in the song as well. Kelly wonders how they can judge him when they’ve “never walk[ed] in [his] shoes.” He calls the accusations “opinions” and wonders why he should go to jail because of these opinions.

He takes a gab at #MuteRKelly, an online movement created against him.

“Yeah, go ahead and stone me, point your finger at me, turn the world against me, but only God can mute me.”

The song has created some interesting conversations online.


Some people remain loyal to the singer regardless of the allegations.

Kelly is best known for his 90s hits “I Believe I Can Fly” from the hit Michael Jordan movie Space Jam, and his classic slow jam “Bump N Grind.” “I Admit” brings back some memories of his R&B “opera” Trapped in the Closet, a 33-chapter compilation of music and videos telling the story of a one-night stand which leads to some unexpected events.

So far, the song has fired up the #Timesup trend again with many people pointing to the recent buzz around Jim DeRogatis and the documentary that’s reportedly in production. The documentary will give an in depth look at the allegations against R. Kelly.