Is 123Movies & Putlocker Streaming Site Safe and Legal?

Is 123Movies & Putlocker Streaming Site Safe and Legal?

In digital media, cable has now lost all its popularity. Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. are the source for different shows and movies. The current generation is obsessed with this source of media for entertainment. But since these apps are paid, people often try different websites which stream their favorite shows and movies for free. You all have heard about websites like 123Movies and Putlocker if you watch online content often. These are websites which stream movies or shows online for people to watch.

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The problem with these websites is that the movies and shows that they stream are pirated. You can find latest movies and shows on these sites. Since many apps are paid and need a membership, people often tend to use these websites to watch online content.

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What are these websites?

Websites like 123Movies and Putlocker are a platform to access online content for free. These websites stream them online. To explain it in simple words, these websites help the user to access pirated movies. There are dozens of these other websites found online and are easy to access and use. The other websites available are just clone websites which have another domain.

The main feature of these websites is that you don’t need any membership or login to watch online content. This is why a lot of people use these websites to watch their favorite shows or movies. These websites are completely free and do not need any subscription and are free of cost unlike other apps like Netflix, which ask for a subscription and are paid.

These websites provide a large stock of content which include shows, movies and many more. On top of it, they also stream new releases. Be it movies or the new season of a popular television show, they stream them all as soon as it is released.

Also, these websites have no device barrier. You can access them through your computer, phone or tablet. Since they are easily available and free of cost, many people prefer to use them instead of legal streaming sites.

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Are they legal?

The truth to be told, these websites are not legal. Generally, these websites are being operated world-wide, but only in those countries where they are not strict about anti-piracy or copyright laws.

123Movies and Putlocker specifically are not legal as they take and stream online content on their website without any permission, which is considered illegal. Fortunately, nowadays there are websites available which stream free online content and are completely legal. Therefore, instead of browsing on these illegal websites, you can switch to these legal websites instead.

Are these websites safe?

Since these websites are illegal, they are also not safe to use. They are reports that these websites are the source of many viruses. If you are using these websites, chances are it can corrupt your computer with viruses. If you have an anti-virus, well and good, but there are still chances of your computer getting corrupted. If you still want to use these websites, make sure you have installed a good quality anti-virus in your device or computer.

Many a times these types of websites are created simply just to distribute malware. This is the reason, this type of websites should be avoided to watch or download online content. Although the authorities take down such websites whenever found, but they always pop up some way or the other. Therefore, it is suggested to be aware and stay away from such websites.

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Should you access these websites?

Even if these websites offer free online content, they are not safe. They are also illegal. There is always a risk of your device getting corrupted by the viruses these websites pass to your system. These websites are quite tempting, but it is always recommended to not use or access these websites.

There are dozens of legal options available instead, which are recommended to use and watch online content. They are licensed and safer than websites like 123Movies and Putlocker. Even if you have a good quality anti-virus installed on your device, it is always advised to access legal and licensed websites which also stream free online content. If you use legal and licensed website, you’ll always be safe, which is the best advice possible regarding free online content.