Screambox: Alternative to Netflix for horror buffs

Screambox: Alternative to Netflix for horror buffs

Are you a “horror hound”? Are you tired with the “gen-pop” horror titles offered by the giant platforms like Netflix and the gang? If yes, then Screambox will help you find many more great horror movies to watch.

Why is it great?

There are two major niche-specific streaming platforms for horror and gore – Shudder and Screambox. Both cost $5 per month, while Shudder is a sleek version with a selective list of horror flicks and Screambox is more about the “grass movement” below the surface.

Here, you’ll find lots of “B” movies or even, as some might say, “garbage horror”. But, if you’ve been hunting horror movies for long enough, sometimes you’ll find yourself in the mood for that specific blend of gore flicks.

A cool thing is that Screambox has the “banned” category. You immediately want to explore that!

The service is available on both desktop and iOS/Android, while it also plays on PlayStation, Samsung TV and LeEco.

The horror flicks website offers a 7-day trial period so that you can safely give it a shot and decide whether it’s your thing.