You’re scrolling through Facebook when you stumble upon an article promising to teach you strategies for making money with social media. Eagerly, you click the link, as you, like everyone else, enjoys the idea of having more money than what is currently occupying your bank account. Yet, upon skimming only a few lines, you find the author pointing towards online surveys, or, better yet, suggests starting a blog with the hopes of one day generating your entire income from the millions of readers driving your advertisement revenue stream. While routes like this can work, the majority of people don’t have the time, effort, or desire to pound their heads against the wall for months on end, knowing the likely outcome is making only enough money to fund one trip for coffee. Fortunately, this list is a compilation of real side hustle gigs for real people. Truthfully, it’s unlikely any of these options will ever make you a sustainable income, but it can supplement your current revenue streams by upwards of a couple thousand dollars a year without excessively strenuous work or time commitments.

Got a skill? Become a freelancer
People hear the term freelancer and immediately want to run the other way, associating the profession with long-hours, erratic clients and unsteady work. While there is some truth in this perception, if you’re only looking to supplement your income, freelance work is a great choice. Choosing the right platform can make all the difference. My recommendation for beginners is Fiverr based on its user-friendly, simplistic approach. Fiverr offers free sign-up for freelancers and boasts a variety of service categories. New sellers face the difficult task of being unranked, meaning you’ll have to offer extremely low prices to get clients at first. However, after a few positive reviews, orders increase and you will be able to set prices more appropriate to your skill level. Fiverr does take a 20% fee from every completed order, but the lack of contract hassling and guaranteed payments make it a worthwhile venture.

Rent your… bicycle
As the sharing community grows, so does your opportunity to make money. If you don’t want to list your place on Airbnb or drive for Uber/Lyft, Spinlister still allows you to become part of the on-demand service industry by renting out your bike to people needing a pair of wheels. Growing in popularity, Spinlister has bike availability in cities around the globe. Rates are charged by the hour, day or week and range depending on the quality of the bike. A standard set of wheels typically goes from around $5-15 an hour and $30-50 per day depending on the demand in your city. Dust off the bike in your garage, sign-up and start making cash.

Old reliable eBay
The money-making game on the internet has changed dramatically over the last decade. Technological advances have made sites like eBay a distant memory of the past. However, regardless of societal progress, people will always want to buy things they don’t need from strangers. It’s in our blood. The junk in your attic can draw a surprising offer from the right person. Or better yet, you have something a value that you’re keeping around only because you know it has value. Snap a picture and watch the bidding war begin. Facetiousness aside, while selling items online might not be the sexiest money-making tool, it’s a surefire tested and proven method to pad the bank account.

This is by no means a comprehensive or exhaustive list to all the possible ways to make money. And please do not let me stop you from trying to make a living from blogging, affiliate marketing or the like. However, employing these strategies is the quickest, most efficient way to legally boost your income without driving you insane.