Sundance Now: great alternative to Netflix for indie movies

Sundance Now: great alternative to Netflix for indie movies

If you are looking for platforms that focus on independent movies, Sundance Now seems to pose pretty strong competition to Netflix. The service brings together titles that seem aligned in general with the ethos of the all-important Sundance Festival.

Why we love it

This is a niche-specific platform. So you won’t have to tear through jungles of “gen-pop” titles and can take a deep dive into that specific sundance-y blend you like.

It’s not expensive with the $5 monthly price tag.

There’s no commercials which can feel like a real pain when you stream from your home.

What we liked most about this site (as compared to other indie streaming platforms out there) is its elaborate categorization. Here, you’ll find sections like Must-watch, New arrivals, Oscar-nominated titles, and a lengthy list of specific genres. This makes it much easier to navigate around the independent-movie scene, particularly if you are just starting your exploration.

Also, at Sundance Now you can create a “list” (like the Netflix’ queue) so that you always have some indie “ammo”.