Soccer is the most watched sport in the world. This year Russia is the one hosting 21st FIFA world cup. It has been trending question on the internet which team is going to lift the world cup and many are favoring Brazil to win. Let’s have a look at the teams.

Portugal and Argentina are expected to be competitive as always with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. With both teams having aging stars, both Ronald and Messi will need to be at the top of their games to bring the cup home. Although both sides have arguably the greatest players in the history of soccer, they lack depth in the defense.

Germany, without  Miroslav Klovse, they are still boasting Thomas Müller leading the Cup in Scoring. From defensive line to the Strikers, Germany is looking like an early favorite despite not having their former all-star Miroslav Klovse on their Roster.


Spain is also heavily favored to win the World Cup, even without Coach Julen Lopetegui.  The biggest issue Spain may have down the line is maintaining their composure under pressure. Without a coach giving direction in the heat of competition, Spain may be in a rough position in later rounds of the cup.


Always a contender, Brazil appears to be in top form this year,  Neymar is fully recovered from his previous foot injury, and leading an already talented Brazil team to another World Cup appearance. Balanced defense, capable attack, and mid-field game, Spain are still favored to make a finals appearance again. Compared to previous 2014 team, Brazil is younger, and more experienced than previous World Cup appearances.


With Luis Saurez leading the front, Uruguay is undervalued in the World Cup rankings. Combining skilled offense with Edinson Cavani, and capable defense with Diego Godin, Uruguay has the potential to slip into the later rounds of the cup, maybe even win the entire cup.

Brazil and Germany are the two most likely teams competing for The World Cup.

What is going to be the most significant factor in who wins the cup, is which team, can keep a set of fresh legs on the field, and maintain their poise under pressure. Veteran leadership is going to be a significant factor into who makes it to the later rounds of the World Cup, and winning the final match will come down to coaching and skill.

Brazil has the best chance to win the World Cup, with Germany being second in contention.

Who do you think has the best chance of winning?