The 2018 Electronics Entertainment Expo, known to most as “E3,” is over, and gamers have a much better idea now if what exactly they can expect from the big three video game console makers over the next year and beyond, as well as the third parties who populate their consoles with games to play.

Sony is decisively winning the current console war, having reportedly sold more than double the number of PlayStation 4s as Microsoft has sold Xbox Ones. Sony has announced so many games that it told the gaming press prior to its press conference that it would not be revealing any new first-party games.

Instead, Sony focused on its so-called “Big Four,” which are the upcoming “Marvel’s Spider-Man” from Insomniac Games, “The Last of Us Part II” from Naughty Dog, Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding” and “Ghost of Tsushima” from Sucker Punch.

Sony’s showing was very strong, though its press conference left a bit to be desired due to its meandering and lengthy nature. Sony showed some great games, but it didn’t do so in a way that respected people’s time.

Microsoft, on the other hand, brought the goods in a very big way. This is good for the Xbox brand because Microsoft itself has a great deal of catching up to do. Microsoft brought a wide variety of games to the show, most notably “Halo: Infinite.” Not much is known about this title, but its trailer looked truly beautiful. Microsoft also brought its big guns by associating itself with some of the biggest upcoming games, including “Fallout 76” and “Kingdom Hearts 3.” This helped Microsoft show the public that it will be around for a long time despite its console not doing all that well in sales compared with its most prominent competitors. These companies aren’t afraid to be associated with Xbox first, and this message proved very effective to the crowd.

Nintendo was the final console-maker to show off its wares. As has been the case for years, Nintendo showed its games via an online Nintendo Direct. The most prominent game Nintendo showed was certainly “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.” The fighting game is a huge upcoming title for Nintendo, and the confirmation that it will feature every single character ever featured in the “Super Smash Bros.” series was a major plus for many gamers. That assures that their favorite characters will indeed appear, no matter what. Metroid character Ridley was also announced, granting the longtime wishes of many Nintendo fans. This helps Nintendo in a very big way because it shows that, despite the fact that Nintendo already released major “Legend of Zelda” and “Mario” games since the release of its Nintendo Switch console, it still has some major releases up its sleeve.

In the end, many argue that Microsoft won at E3 2018, but the real winner here is the player. Whether a gamer is a Microsoft fan or an owner of one of the other two major consoles, a powerful Microsoft means healthy competition. Healthy competition puts companies at the top of their game, so to speak, so Microsoft fans can no doubt expect greatness in the coming years.